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Fishing Report - April 3rd, 2020

There are still plenty of steelhead in the St Joe River system but it's definitely going to wind down pretty quickly from here on out. The majority of fish I landed recently during outings with my sons have been spawned-out "dropbacks".


On the upside trout and smallmouth fishing is ramping up quickly!

CV19 Update: Michigan, Indiana, Illinois as well as other states in the region have "stay home" travel restrictions by Executive Order. The State of Michigan has mandated a "cease of all guiding activity" which is smart. Sadly, fake guides are taking advantage of this order. Rivers have been absolutely packed with anglers ignoring the recommendations. Frankly, it really pisses me off.


While we can plan on fishing in the future and I am booking trips almost daily, at this time I am unable to guide and it wouldn't be prudent anyway. I wish all of you, your family and friends health and comfort. We'll get through this...


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Anglin Outdoors specializes in warm and coldwater species throughout a region that straddles much of the Indiana/Michigan state line known as Michiana. While steelhead and smallmouth bass fishing on the St Joseph River system including the revered Dowagiac River are the focus of most outings, many other species are caught during a typical day including resident brown trout, largemouth bass and a variety of panfish, among others. Northern pike are often targeted or caught as a bonus species. Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan are blessed with some incredible muskie fisheries. While some 'skis are present in streams the bulk of fishing is done on small inland lakes.


The Michiana region is blessed with year-round fishing opportunities. Other than frigid arctic conditions that make fishing unbearable for most anglers, steelhead fishing is a possibility just about every month of the year. Obviously, numbers of fish and conditions vary from year to year but suffice it to say we have fantastic steelhead opportunities here - in particular spring and fall. Smallmouth bass fishery generally takes the stage from late May through early October - June, July and August being the primary focus. Resident trout fishing is also available to some degree nearly year-round but often comes as a bonus to steelhead fishing. September is a great month of pursue big, fresh king and coho salmon along with summer-run Skamania steelhead. Muskie and pike fishing can be excellent if not world class throughout much of the year as well.


All trips require a $150 deposit to lock date!

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Jay Anglin - 574-210-2844


2020 Rates:


4 Hour Half - $275 1 or 2 rods
6 Hour Express - $350 1 or 2 rods
8 Hour Full - $425 1 or 2 rods 

- Temporarily will not be providing food or drinks. $25 discount is reflected in the listed rates

 - If feasible, a third angler is an additional $75 for any rate

 - All rates include use of equipment, leaders, flies, lures and any other pertinent tackle etc.






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